All Saints Greek Orthodox Church
Weirton, WV

Stewardship Ministries

All Saints Church Unveils Stewardship Ministries Program

All Saints Greek Orthodox Church has embarked on a new Ministry Outreach to the parish and local community. Committee work began in 2012. The purpose: to re-engage parishioners in the life of the parish and increase their involvement in church attendance, religious/spiritual education, social events and church related activities offered by All Saints. We came up with a mission statement, seven initial CORE Church Ministries, and a Logo to better communicate our intended ministry outreach.


From January through April, 2013, parishioners and friends of the parish received information through the monthly Vineyard newsletter and personal mailings, followed by five public meetings held in the parish social hall (with food, of course...) to explain the scope of our endeavor and to invite participation and response.

From this time and forward, we will be collecting and analyzing responses from the Family Information Forms we have sent to the entire community. These forms collect personal demographics necessary for appropriate communication and recognition of family size and makeup. They also capture valuable ministry opportunity information - both for volunteering and for receiving services. As this information is analyzed, we will update, modify and add to the initial core ministries to make sure we fulfill our mission of

Preserving the Legacy of our Orthodox Faith for Future Generations through our Collective Time, Talents and Treasures.

Follow the links below if you would like to find out more about our All Saints Church Ministries.

Logo Design and Meaning

CORE Ministries

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