All Saints Greek Orthodox Church
Weirton, WV

Stewardship Ministries - Core Ministries

Stewardship Ministries

All Saints Church
Core Ministries

Parish Outreach
The task of the Parish Outreach Ministry has been to develop programs to re-engage our members in the full Life of our parish. This group of volunteers helped design the outreach letters and forms, update the Church Mailing List, organize and execute the public meetings to explain our mission, and train ambassadors to convey our mission to the community at large.

Following the initial public presentations and form evaluation, Parish Outreach will consider personal visitations for those who have not yet responded, identify ministry needs based on survey responses and work with other Core Ministries to fulfill those needs.

Youth Outreach
As we look around on Sunday, what’s missing? The future of our parish begins with the presence of our youth today.

Our current Youth programs include: Religious Education (Sunday School), HOPE, JOY, GOYA, and Local and Metropolis programs

We will continue to minister to our Youth through: Monthly Parish events like bowling, group events, etc., Local retreats, gatherings with other Orthodox Youth, and Metropolis events, possible local and regional Trips

Our Major Areas of Focus and Goals include:
-Outreach: Short Term – Comprehensive youth Database; Long Term – Survey for future interaction

-Fellowship: Short Term – Various events to keep our children active; Long Term – Re-establish YAL, joint activities with other groups

-Illumination: Short Term – Document each event...; Long Term – Showcasing all youth activities

Seniors & Elderly
Well over half the members of our parish are over 65…

Ministry to our Seniors intends to include providing Seminars such as:
Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, Long Term Health Care Insurance, Assisted Living, Nursing Home options, Living Wills, Durable Powers of Atty, Last Will and Testament, Charitable Giving through Endowments, and Tax Seminars

Other Seniors Ministry may include:
Providing Transportation to certain events
More Social Activity such as movies in the Church Hall, Senior Christmas Parties and general “outings”
“Respite Care”, organized visitations, phone calls…
Project Habitat : small home repairs & tasks
Perpetual Gravesite Care for survivors at distance…

The majority of our parishioners consider their faith very important. But ask them to list the top five important things in their life, and see whether “Sunday Worship” is among them.

The primary task of this ministry is to rekindle our Encounter with God on a regular basis through: Services, Orthodox Study Forum, Catechism, Pre-marriage classes… and similar Ministries

Communication/Technology/Media Ministry is responsible for insuring that the message we have gets out in the best possible way.

We will minister to our parish through:
Computers for Sunday School and youth programs
Technology upgrade for our facility (wireless access for the entire building complex)
Electronic messaging and Social Media for outreach, advertising and events.

Another primary means of communicating our Parish Mission to the public includes Publicity, intended specifically to those outside our parish. This may be accomplished through materials in the Narthex, newspaper articles, inviting the public to join us for an all-English Divine Liturgy, or other events, not just those involving food and pastries.

Building Maintenance
The very active ministry of our physical plant includes:
-Two buildings and the parish house
-Equipment maintenance
-Cleaning and daily upkeep
-Landscaping, painting, repairs
-Project oversight on all construction projects
-Festival set-up/break-down, electrical, carpentry…

An aging volunteer maintenance crew with no back-up cannot sustain this facility nor its needs without fresh volunteer help.

Budget & Finance
Our financial integrity is a cornerstone of our parish life.
People give when they see a need and they know their money will not be squandered.
The Finance Ministry will ensure the financial integrity of the Parish through the following activities:
Review of monthly financial statements to insure accuracy
Review of parish’s financial procedures and records to identify areas of improvement
Preparation of Annual Budget
Annual Audit of parish’s financial records
Selection of new software package for recording pledges, donations and accounting records
Development of a long-term charitable giving and estate-planning strategy

Future Growth
Where will we be five years from now; 10, 15, or 20? What will it take to meet the needs of our parishioners and manage the work of sharing God’s love with the world around us?

These core ministries share a few of the ways WE think we can be of assistance to meet these growing needs. Parishioner input will help assure we meet our present and future needs for All Saints Church.



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