All Saints Greek Orthodox Church
Weirton, WV

Youth Calendars

Scheduled Youth Events

All Saints Church participates in metropolis-sponsored youth events in addition to local parish events. These metropolis-sponsored events include fall and spring weekend retreats & summer camp, various athletic events, and other selected events at the metropolis level. Information on the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Pittsburgh youth program can be found at the following link: The Metropolis Youth Calendar is available as a .pdf download from this site.

On the local level, the various youth groups meet at different times of the month and throughout the year. The focus of our youth programs is generally in three age groups: preschool, elementary & middle school, and high school.

For specific information on any of our youth groups or to get your child involved, please call or E-mail the church office (see the Contact Us page) and we will contact you with further information.


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