2008 10 - Are You Registered to Vote?

       Parish Council elections are coming up... Our outdated parish By-laws need updated and approved by the General Assembly. Are you registered in the parish books as a Member-in-good-standing? If not, you cannot vote on these vital issues.

       Oh, let me guess: you thought I meant whether you were registered to vote in the upcoming local and national elections... Well? Are you? Some would say that these are the most crucial elections for our nation for all time. You cannot seem to be able to turn on T.V. for any length of time and not see anything about the candidates. Now there is fresh meat in the water off the coast of Alaska, and the media sharks are in a frenzy to dig up all the garbage they can get on the newest of our national candidates.

       Are you confused by all the political ads and campaign promises? Maybe you just want to turn it all off and stay home on election day because you just don’t know what to do. Trying to find out what the candidates really stand for is like trying to take a drink of water from a fire hose. We are being drowned in information, much of which is not suitable for human consumption.

       If you believe the mainstream media you could be labeled a liberal. If you believe “FOX and Friends” you could be labeled a conservative. This morning at the fitness center I overheard a conversation in which a man said his wife just switched her party declaration to “Independent”. How bad is it when our only options seem to be the lesser of two evils?

       If Jesus were here today, I wonder how He would vote? If you were to ask Him, I know what He would say; “Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” What does that mean for us here and now? Simply put, we are responsible to help guide this nation forward, and we are responsible to help guide this parish forward. The Constitution begins with “We the people”, not “them, the other guys”.

       So, I am back to my original question: ARE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE? If so, congratulations; you are at least half-way responsible. The other half is the actual voting part... Now the question remains, who will you vote for? Simply put, you need to vote for the candidates that you believe are best equipped to lead us through the coming years. That goes for both our nation and our parish. Read, listen, pray, and then vote as your mind and heart lead you.

       Would it be a sin to vote for the wrong person? Absolutely not – the sin would be in not voting!!! We seem to forget that the government of the United States as well as the administration of our parish is not up to one individual. We have advisors and councils that help us make decisions and can veto or prevent us from making the wrong decision. The wise decision is to get involved at both local and national levels. Read, listen, pray, and then vote. That is how you fulfill your responsibility as a citizen of these United States and as a member of this parish.

       But first, You MUST be registered to vote! You still have some time left to fulfill your responsibilities, but time is short. Both registrations require your pledge through your signature. So sign up today and make sure you are in a position to fulfill your responsibility to God and our nation.