All Saints Greek Orthodox Church
Weirton, WV

Ask the Priest

ASK THE PRIEST - from the "Vineyard"

A monthly Column of Questions from Parishioners Regarding our Orthodox Christian Faith and Practice. Please submit your questions to the parish office or to Fr. Frank (see Contacts page for addresses).

2008-01 On different Orthodox Christmases

2008-02 On having Church in the Social Hall

2008-03 On fasting from Olive Oil during Lent

2008-04 On when to make the sign of the Cross

2008-05 On what a personal relationship with Christ is like

2008-07 Commitment to church programs

2008-08 Married vs Unmarried Clergy

2008-09 On the Phrase, "Born Again"

2008-11 Can Other Christians Share Our Sacraments

2008-12 Praying for Patience

2009-01 Lapsed Christians

2009-02 Why do we need to Prepare

2009-03 Jesus the Bridegroom

2009-06 The Joy of the Lord in Concert

2009-07/08 The Icon of All Saints


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