All Saints Greek Orthodox Church
Weirton, WV

Parish Renovation

The All Saints Church has had a little work

In 2003, the All Saints Parish undertook a restoration project to "Preserve the Legacy of our Parents and Grandparents"

From an initial inspection of the church structure, additional contractors were brought in to examine other areas of the physical building. When all was inspected, seven areas of need were identified. The total scope of the project was estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Over the course of the next three years, these areas were addressed and corrected.

In 2008, the interior of the church was addressed, specifically the Nave. The dome interior was cleaned, the dome stained glass windows were restored and reframed, the protective glass over the dome stained glass windows was replaced, chandeliers were either replaced or refurbished as warranted, walls were patched and repainted, and other interior repairs were made.

In 2010, plans were developed to pave the parking area to the right of the church. The former gravel lot could not accommodate the growing parking needs of the parish. In 2011, construction began and included a new drainage system, parking area, updated entry way and sidewalks to the office entry door, and new lighting. Completed late in the year, the new parking lot has added much needed parking space as well as making entry into the church much easier for parishioners and visitors alike.

Most recently in 2012, the kitchen has received a new stove and four convection ovens, and plans are underway to renovate other areas of the church needing attention.

All this work has been accomplished through the generosity of parishioners and friends of All Saints Church who love God's House and want to see it serve many generations yet to come. We hope you will be inspired to come and take a tour of our facility.


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