All Saints 2019 Pictorial Review

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

We have compiled an All Saints Greek Orthodox Church 2019 Pictorial Review which highlights some of the many activities of our church and its organizations. The review is in PowerPoint format, contains 325 slides and is 15 minutes long. Due to the size, we are unable to email the PowerPoint directly to you. Instead, we are sending you this link to click on (or copy and paste) so you may watch the 2019 Pictorial Review and a video from the Sunday School Christmas Program.

I would like to thank our organizations and various individuals for submitting approximately 500 pictures. Also, thank you to Christopher Hatala for giving us permission to use his drone photograph of our Weirton Greek Festival and both Eikona and The Greek Company for permission to use some music from their Sacred Hymns of the Divine Liturgy and In Good Company Live CD’s respectively. With thanks to Chris and Becky DeFrank for adding the music to the PowerPoint and posting the PowerPoint and video on our church website.

On a personal note, with over 2,000 pictures to sort through, this became a labor of love. I hope the pictures chosen will bring fond memories to mind and joy to your heart.


Argiro Latousakis

Communication, Technology & Media Branch

All Saints Greek Orthodox Church Strategic Plan and Church Ministries


Download Links:

All Saints 2019 Pictorial Review (large file may take time to open/download)

Sunday School Christmas Program